Happy Eid

Happy Eid to all muslims out there and have a nice weekend if you’re not, here’s a chance to put on nice clothes and straighten that smile on your lips because god just granted us a five day holiday to eat sleep and be happy. So maybe no one will see me today but my family as i lounge on the couch and play phone games but i will put on a nice dress nonetheless, i like how cute i look in this dress with my hair slick around my neck and my bare feet up on the coffee table with a slim waist and thick thighs. We’ll have pizza for lunch and sweets all day because who needs to diet on a holy holiday like this fearing that the next day my family will slaughter an innocent animal and I’ll have to leave the house, it’s a great joy to be a muslim now and see how happy we can be with such simplicity and kindness..

She’s glamorous

Style comes to her effortlessly while others stumble in awkward unflattering outfits forever and she can pull off any look and saunter to glamous as if down a catwalk not a street like no one else can, the real beauty comes from within her and not any amount of pretty clothes and classy makeup she puts on religiously before leaving the house. Her smile is worth a thousands stars when she lights the room with it and her giddy feminine energy is contagious and so happy, you can see her bubble between her family like a pink cloud of cuteness pumping everyone with joy like the movie. If there ever was a definition for happiness or an incarnation of it then i was looking at it streaking the sky, she leaves a blazing trail behind her because her emotions are always too intensely felt and showed that no one can deny them..

birthday kisses

She leads me to the old and small ER room swinging her hips inside her flowing teasing dress and her heels peek beneath the long hem making me hard before we’ve even done anything, i sit down and she proceeds to check my blood pressure but I’m at the level of her chest and my brain turns to mush. I kiss her hand and try to cup a few feels of the sweetest most feminine body I’ve ever seen on a woman in all my life, she feels like heaven and tastes like honey in my mouth as i take my sweet time kissing her hand. I enjoy being in her company and seeing her smile even when its meant for someone else because i know she’s just as aware of my presence as i am and i wish i could just take her in my arms and kiss her so hard that we both get lost forever in each other, I’m grinning like an idiot from ear to ear for the rest of the day and can honestly say this is my best birthday ever..

Let’s tease them

She’s a little vixen with her teasing skin tight blouse beneath her open lab coat inviting you to imagine her with nothing on, she likes to tease men knowing how crazy she can drive them with a few easy calculated moves and her body bulging from her clothes. She drives to pick him up like an ice queen not showing any nerves or fear though inside she’s trembling, he can’t take his eyes off her as she stares ahead enjoing the compliments but as soon as they are parked she’s a bashful young girl afraid to have her hand held. One push here and one there and suddenly she’s squessing him while he feasts on the flsh of her hand and slowing inch to her thighs, he latches onto her sweet soft skin as if to the safety of land away from the troubled sea until her nails carve his back and throw him to the sharks. He stood on the curb and watched her speed away not looking back or giving him a second thought, that’s what perfection looked like in a woman and a deprived man of arms like himself would die to get his hands on someone like that..

Hard worker

I sit there watching my food get cold and wondering what it would be like if i was the kind of person to run in and leave my responsibilities in favor of hot food, but it’s pointless thinking about it since I’ll never be the careless kind of people who abandon their work. I wonder if being so dedicated will pay off and get me places in the world or if the lazy people will by surfing by with bare minimum, i have so many high hopes for my future and big plans to go places and accomplish greatness. But god works in mysterious ways and will send you angels in the form of sweet coworkers who will relieve you when you need them, i have to believe that people will recongnize me for all the work i do and nothing else. One day I’ll either realize I’ve gone about this all wrong all my life and i need to turn my life around, or my honest hard work will pay off and I’ll be proud of my self when i get where i want to be at the top of world..


Work for a place that gives you chocolates for every occasion and makes sure every holiday is well spent and deserved, i may not like chocolate my self but it’s something to give to my mum and know she’ll enjoy for a long time. Soon you’ll realize that hating your job and always wanting to take a vacation are constants of adulthood and responsibility, this is the point in life where you have energy and money but no time and I’ve got way less motivation than i should have. One day I’ll look back and probably think the years went by so quickly but remember that while i was there i felt every single day drag by, i still care whether people like me or not and if I’m late to work or even if i make someone smile everyday and i hope that never changes..

My heart skipped a beat

My friend maybe much older but i love how we talk as if we’re on the same level and she really needs someone to talk to so I’m honored it’s me, i may not share the argelah but it’s not so bad to sip my soda while she puffs smoke and savours her coffee. I knew from the beginning this game was going to be a bad idea since we’re too girls who don’t currently talk to any of the players but are going to watch all the ones we have unfinished business with, have you ever walked into a room and everyone turned to look and stare at you? Well that happened twice. That wasn’t the climax though, it was passing Leon and having him wave an inconspicuous hello and my heart literally skipping a beat for him. “you’re not over him, it shows because you got all red and couldn’t talk just because he waved.” it’s not easy to admit that I’m still in love with a guy who’s so far in my past that all that’s between us is a casual wave, but the truth is i still want wake up one day and get back together with him or even marry him because i still dream of our happily ever after..

Lucky gal

I may not always say this and it’s because it’s not always true but I’m blessed to have my older brother, the kind of brother who will take you out to Macdonalds at an unreasonable hour then drive you to the donut place to pick out two boxes – a dozen – full of pretty and colorful sweets then buy two turkish cakes and a big bag of icecream, he even knows me enough to pick me out a bubble gum popsicle that we all know I’d love simply because it’s pink like the homer simpson donut i love so much. I’m thankful to have people who will understand me when I’m craving all sorts of foods and needing a large unhealthy amount of processed sugar just to survive my cramps, I’m also a very lucky lady to have a boyfriend who will not get mad at how wild my mood swings can go and how far I’d push him before going back to normal..

Crazy wild woman

I have a glimpse of my old self who took a million selfie a day and they honestly made her feel better as she took them, I’m not ashamed to acknowledge that it’s the snap filters and camera enhancements which make me feel pretty and adorable so who cares. My baby loves me just as i am and doesn’t go around telling me to remove my photos wherever i post them though it’s still a good idea not to show him my instagram, the cops have pulled me over for trying to evade them and i can now say I’ve been stalked by a cop making him walk down a hill just to stop me after i maneuvered around him. I’ve got stories to tell my grandkids someday of reckless driving and talking back to cops and wild flings, if only my sister had some kids so i can also be the crazy fabulous and notoriously outrageous aunt who is always called a bad influence.

Call me

I don’t know how to tell you this but me and Magic are back on with a vengence, like i can’t remember ever taking to anyone this much and having so much love and sweetness and the way he talks to me and loves how feminine i am makes me want to act even more girly than ever. I’m not very proud of abandoning all my hobbies in favour of a job i dislike and another inappropriate man but i can’t seem to help it, deep down i know the rush of this relationship will fade like all the ones before and I’ll end up with my books art and yarn again so maybe it’s good to seize this moment while it lasts and be loved so well for once. I spend my day either talking to him or waiting to talk to him or to see those two words “call me,” everyone must notice how my phone has become a part of me and the line is always busy…