Writing prompt : orders

Prince Edward grinned mischievously and leaned back in his seat as his father introduced the new staff, a certain petite blond caught his eye and held it. Black fathomless pools gazed into his blue ones and gave him a curious feeling, she looked down and her curls fell across her dainty white dress. When the king was done talking it was his turn to stand and greet his personal employees, he addressed them perfectly with a speech he’d repeated a million times, with a few charming smiles and a couple of winks for the pretty ladies.

“a beautiful rose for a beautiful woman,” he whispered as she went to leave the room, she didn’t flinch or startle even though he had hid around a corner. She watched the flower as if she had never seen one before and turned to leave, he grabbed her hand to halt her “do you refuse my gift?” his tone held a regal resonance he didn’t use often, but had a spectacular effect when he did “you’re a prince, you’re not supposed to give me anything but orders.” she spoke steadily and with great professional apathy, he cocked his head to the side as he considered her again “then i order you to go on a date with me.” his triumphant grin of a thousand watts was wasted upon her marble statue, she loosened her hand from his and shook her head politely. He leaned back against the wall with a slightly forced nonchalance, her eyebrow rose slightly in question “you’ll say yes, i have my ways.” she smiled for the first time and he was taken aback by the difference it made, his words came out steady and confidant as he watched her walk away “they always do.”


Writing prompt : independent adult

Haley sighed as she finally got to the break room and sat down, her legs were singing in pain and her feet throbbed like a second heart. She started a string of profanities aimed at her boss, the assistants and everyone else in this hell hole, she felt a soft buzzing against her thigh which had been peeping every once in a while. Taking out her phone she stared at the picture of her lovely boyfriend and got a small amount of comfort from it, she got more from his voice and worried tone when she picked up. “congratulations, your first employee break!” there was so much excitement in his voice that she felt she might cry, “so how was your first day?” everything that happened in the past five hours came rushing back, all the small comments and belittling. She recalled her meeting with the evil queen herself and the way she assumed Haley knew nothing, the way she didn’t let her finnish a single sentence “what’s a nice way to tell my boss i want to smack her over the head with a chair?” there was a silence on the line and she could just feel his sigh and see his shoulders sagging and his stance dropping on his own desk chair, she knew he wanted to tell her i told you so or simply that she had to put up with it but instead he said, “congratulations, now you know what independent adulthood is really like.”

Writing prompt : a bubble

April walked slowly behind Adam, she could tell from his body language that he was tense and was probably lost in some thoughts, she giggled silently to herself. His steps were hard to keep up with, but thankfully she could hurry with her short legs and set the prank at the same time. The moment he felt it he jumped up in terror and screamed, she couldn’t help but burst out laughing at his high pitched cry. When he finally recovered his senses and saw her behind him all terror turned to embarrassment and anger, his black glare only made her laugh harder “Ape!!” she dragged in deep breaths and tried to stand up straight to meet his gaze, he waited impatiently seeing her as a adorable school girl “I’ve never been so scared in my life.” she smiled warmly at him and came to stand beside him, her cheeks were glowing red and her brown eyes shown with happiness “.. It was a bubble.” his glare was weakening slowly as she put her arm through his own, and started slowly marching him back home. His body language relaxed as they walked in compatible silence for a few moments, his breathing went back to normal while her heart only sped up with his proximity “it was the element of surprise.”

Writing prompt : overripe avocado

“Ugh!”Carolyn growled at the refrigerator, her stomach grumbled in agreement she hadn’t eaten almost all day long since she was swamped with work and now her body was protesting. She still had her head in the fridge and her bottom sticking out when she heard a sigh, she startled upright to see Collin in the door frame “so no food huh?” she held in her surprise and a yelp that had begged to be said, straightening her black jacket and tossing back her hazel curls “nope just a weird vegetable.” he came near her while holding her stare and it somehow reminded her of a predator, he stood haughtily tall next to her and peered into the illuminated contraption. She tried to make herself smaller next to him as he was standing too close, she could smell his very attractive perfume and feel the heat of his body near her. “are we the only ones in the office right now?” she croaked out, her voice barely above a whisper as she tried to think with her head rather than whatever the female part of her was that wanted to stroke his perfectly shaven chin. He turned to face her very slowly and the angle was too intimate for comfort as she was cornered into the wall, his voice was confidant and secretive “you, me and this slightly overripe avocado.” she took a deep steadying breath and tried to think of something to say before his lips crushed hers, “i believe it’s an old pear.”

Writing prompt : a potato

“oh my god, we have a baby girl.” she smiled a very tired sarcastic smile and leaned against his shoulder, he was vibrating with happiness and excitement “and you’re only now figuring it out, or is it that now you can see her, she’s true.” she heard his nose exhale as he appreciated her humor but ignored the sarcasm, his hand went up to the glass as if reaching for his baby “she’s beautiful,” he whispered in wonder and turned with a huge grin toward his exhausted wife “do you think she looks like you?” Clara burst out laughing in the quiet hall and buried her face in her husband’s chest, when she was fully recovered her grey eyes met his happy brown ones “she’s so young, she mostly just looks like a potato with eyes.” Charlie frowned down at his beautiful yet too snarky wife, she could tell he was becoming defensive for their little princess and it warmed her heart “that’s you’re newborn you’re talking about.” she smiled very genuinely at the love of her life and held on more tightly for support, “and she looks like every other potato in the room.”

Writing prompt : fire

Chloe watched with a not too concerned gaze as the firemen cleared her apartment, one in particular caught her eye with impressive height and startling green eyes. When they began to leave he hovered in the back and she went over for a chance to hit on him, he watched her approach as if too lazy to meet her half way “what were you burning? Exes pictures?” she giggled at the suggestion, if you could call her random stream of admirers exes she would have to burn the entire town “no,” she patted her long eyelashes at him “i was just having fun, burning random stuff.” he burst out laughing and she was mesmerized, it was such a full deep throaty sound and his perfect body shook so close to her that she could feel his heat “is that what you do for fun? Start fires?” she lowered her eyes trying to hide the truth and hidden intentions, her fingers wandered to touch his tool belt then slowly her big brown eyes made their way up to his green ones “what’s more relaxing than setting something on fire?” his breathing was becoming more ragged and her fingernails scratching along his uniform was very distracting, his hand closed around hers and he moved into her making his intention very clear “a lot of things!”

Writing prompt : bad dog!

“NO! Bad dog,” Kelly yelled at the little black and white puppy squatting in the corner, his ears shot up and large blue eyes looked around the room in search of a hide out. Amy pouted in solidarity with the little cloud of fluff and he ran toward her, she held him in her lap and caressed his warm belly “don’t yell at him, he gets frightened.” Kelly gaped at her mother, her stance became tense and defensive “aren’t you upset? He needs to learn not to do that.” Amy widened her upset caramel eyes and looked at the cute husky burrowing into her embrace, his blue eyes were so beautiful and innocent “but he’s so cute!” Kelly’s face fell and she glared openly at the couple on the couch, she sighed and murmured as she turned to the mess “i was so cute, but i wasn’t allowed to pee on the floor as a kid.”